Welcome BabyHawk to the MOBY® Family!

Instructions: Hug Hold

Introduce when baby is fully stretching legs. Average 3-4 months, some babies are ready sooner, some later.

Follow the step-by-step instructions or watch the Hug Hold Instructional video. Once baby is in don't forget to perform your safety checks



Locate the shoulder piece that is closest to your body.

While holding baby on your opposite shoulder, carefully put baby’s first leg through the shoulder piece.
Spread the fabric over baby’s bottom and shoulder. Keep spreading until the fabric is to the hollows of baby’s knees.
Place baby’s second leg through the other shoulder piece while supporting the upper body.
Spread the fabric to the hollows of baby’s knees, covering baby’s bottom and shoulders.
Locate the logo and gently put baby’s legs through this section.
Continue pulling this section of fabric up and over baby’s back and shoulders.
You may tuck baby’s head under one of the shoulder pieces for additional support.




Wrap Safety Check

After getting baby in the MOBY Wrap make sure to always perform your safety checks

Chin is off chest and baby's face is visible
The logo section ("seat belt") is securing baby's entire back and shoulders.

Baby is in a seated position with knees up above bottom.

Fabric is spread to the hollows of baby's knees.




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