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true stories in babywearing with MOBY®

Over the past 10 years, MOBY® has been lucky enough to be included in the lives of many families. We would like to proudly share some of their true family stories

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"I am so happy with my Moby wrap. I've been using it since my baby was a newborn. She's 4 months old and we still love it. She is colicky and this is the only thing that calms her. It has freed up my arms during the day and taken the strain off my back. I wear her everywhere we go. It has made my life so much easier. Thank you Moby wrap!!"

"Gotta say this kiddo was just amazing this morning. All the dogs and cats making noise (low cost vax clinic) and it was cold standing in that line. and she did GREAT! Looked around, napped a little bit and she was doing AWESOME! I don't think that I could have done it without my MOBY. She loves it. It keeps her close and warm and fit under my coat as well. Lets me be hands free so that I can handle the cat carrier, paperwork and payment. BEST BEST BEST thing I could have ever found! Love wearing my baby and I know she is getting all the stimuli she needs and physical development to get big and strong. Happy Momma today!" - Maria

"Your wrap us a life saver with my newborn. Makes me feel like a great parent because he's with me, a good wife because I can do some stuff around the house and it keep me mentally sane since u have two hands free!!! Just wanted to say thanks!" - Erin

"I was the biggest skeptic, and now I feel I owe Moby Wrap an apology. Moby wrap is awesome - it's as if I grew two more hands!" - Nikita

"Doesn't matter how fussy my little guy is, he will settle in & fall asleep any time I wrap him in the Moby. He doesn't respond to any other wraps that way!" - Jen

"Wore my Moby Wrap for the first time today- my 2 month old and I both fell in love!!! It truly made my day easier. I'm now a true Moby Wrap fan! Thanks for making such a great product and for the easy to follow instruction book!" - Karen

"Dear Moby Wrap, Just wanted to say thanks. If it weren't for you, my couch would still have me held hostage either feeding or rocking my baby non-stop...or up until 3 am trying to calm baby before bed. When all else fails, 10 minutes in the Moby succeeds. With the Moby, I can run errands, accomplish laundry, dishes, and vacuuming, actually be able to fix (and eat!) and decent meal, always have a nursing cover at hand, can hike and explore the great outdoors again, can feed baby on the go, and all-around be a little closer to the coveted goal of super mom! My husband, my hygiene (!), my stomach, my house, my sleep, and my sanity thank you. Sincerely, A very happy, sane, well-rested mom of a newborn. (And no, hell hasn't frozen over yet) P.s. Watch out for the stroller. They might have it out to get you. They haven't seen the light of day since I got my Moby..." - Mary

"I have had it for 2 days and WOW what a difference already. My daughter is 5 weeks old and is very colicky. We spend minimum of 2 hours every night since she was born consoling her unsuccessfully until she is so tired from crying that she finally falls asleep. She has had trouble with gas and nursing. During the day she was an angel baby but once nighttime hit it was a whole different story. The Moby wrap put her to sleep in 10 minutes. She is less gassy, more alert and able to "play" on her own for longer during the day. I am able to help my husband and get things done around the house more and overall everyone is less stressed and tired! My excitable dog is much happier too as we can now play and go for walks! The whole family has benefited from our Moby purchase. THANK YOU MOBY!!!" - Sharon

"My baby just hit 8 pounds two weeks ago and I have been using my Moby Wrap daily since. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!" - Loriann

"Next May, when I am walking across the stage receiving my doctoral degree, I will remember this photo & the fact that my Moby gave my newborn & I a way to write my dissertation." - Jen

"love my moby wrap.. with 3 under 3 , carrying around the newest helps!! i can then be attentive to each child while soothing my youngest.. Ive had my moby wrap for 3 years, and the best feeling i have ever had was carrying my first born child at a time when she neeeded me the most, and i needed her the most.. one day i just walked around carrying her all day !! ♥" - Nat

"Thank you so much for such a great product - I love it so much that I have purchased two different colors to wear with my baby! Everywhere I go, I'm stopped at least three times with people asking what the cute, cool thing I'm wearing is. I hope to have brought you lots of business because I swear by my MobyWrap and will be sad when it's time to put it away until the next baby comes. This is BY FAR my favorite baby accessory. I used it this past month when I was going through airport to airport, flying about 10,000 miles and I cannot tell you how conveniently smooth it made our travel plans. Can't wait to see how I like your other Moby products for larger babies when the time comes. Again, Thank You!" - Tyrra

"I am so happy with my Moby wrap. I've been using it since my baby was a newborn. She's 4 months old and we still love it. She is colicky and this is the only thing that calms her. It has freed up my arms during the day and taken the strain off my back. I wear her everywhere we go. It has made my life so much easier. Thank you Moby wrap!!"

"Thanks to the wrap, we were able to go on a 3.67 mile walk with our dog without worrying about the leash getting tangled in a stroller" - Cherokee

"Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Moby Wrap. I was scared to try it because I thought it looked complicated, but after my Ergo and Bjorn carriers didn't feel just right, I finally tried the moby on our first family trip over the weekend. I wore my baby on the plane, through the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh, to lunch, and to a wedding. He was calm and snug, and my back felt great!. It's so sweet to have him close and not be hurting in my back and arms. He's in the Moby napping as I type this, and I can't wait to learn to nurse him in this thing. Love, love, love my Moby. I'm gonna order another color just for fun! I think i'll have my Moby on every day for a long time!" - Rebekah (and Daniyal, age 2 months)

"We Moby'd at the Step Out: Walk to Cure Diabetes in The Woodlands,TX this morning!Thank you, Moby for always finding new ways to bring us closer!" - Stevie

"I loooooooooove my Moby! I've used the same one through 3 kids now and it still looks brand new! I couldn't get through most days without it." - Nicole

"Best invention ever! Why didn't get one of these with my first child is beyond me?! Makes life with a toddler and newborn EASY!" - Aimee

"Moby to the rescue! My husband and I went out to dinner tonight without our older kids for the first time since our daughter was born in November. Naturally, she started fussing as soon as we ordered. So I popped her in our Moby and several minutes later she was sound asleep. We got to eat our meal and actually have a conversation, and she was snug and happy. And I only spilled a couple of drops of soup on the wrap. ;)" - Heather

"I work at a small candy store and I started back at work 3 weeks after Coralee's was born, she came to work with me every day and hung out in the Moby, it was wonderful. People would comment all the time "wow, what is that thing...", "I wish I had one of those when I had little ones..." "That thing is so great!". One day I didn't have Coralee with me but I had the wrap and a lady was x-mas shopping with her newborn, she was in her carseat crying. So I asked her if she ever did baby wearing she said she did but in a sling form so I asked her if she would like to try my wrap. So I wrapped her up! She loved it, and she was able to shop as her leisure as her baby happily napped. Just a few weeks ago I passed her in the grocery store and lo and behold she had her own Moby. It made me smile." - Crystal

"My favorite things to do with baby in Moby: hike, garden, shop, and cook! Thanks for helping Moms like me stay active with baby!" :) - Anthony-Larissa

The Moby GO really does seem like the next stage of a Moby Wrap.

"I just wanted to say thank you! I have the privilege of bringing my son to work with me until he's 6 months old (he's almost 3 months right now). We wrap up in the Moby at the beginning of the day and he sleeps happily while I'm working away. I can be close to him and still get things done. I'm very grateful!" - Lisa

"I am a new mom and just ordered my first moby wrap! It is life changing! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful, high quality product! Also, your website was easy to use and the product matched the picture perfectly. The fabric is also very impressive. Happy camper" - Angela ;)

"I traveled to Greece with a five-month old strapped to me (and simultaneously nursing at times) while exploring the sites including a 2 hour climb up a volcano! Couldn't have done it without my Moby!!!" - Julie

"Hi! My name is Kristina, and I have a two month old baby boy named Marko. My wife and I are first time mommies and we are a family that likes to be on the go. So, we decided to purchase one of your Moby Wraps. We already had two other carriers from two different companies at home that we had received during my baby shower, but they were uncomfortable, unstable, difficult to use and bulky.
...the miracle that this wrap has been for our family. Marko loves being in the wrap and usually falls asleep instantly, or stays awake in there observing his surroundings. My arms, back and shoulders are no longer overworked and tired. We have no extra baby equipment to lug around. I have time for myself as well as time to get household chores done. I am able to make a decent supper for my wife once she gets home from a long day of work. It's just an amazing item." - Kristina & Pam

"Best baby purchase everrrr...my 3 week old did nothing but nurse and cry all day yesterday so i ran to Target last night and we used the Moby several times today. while in it, she was calm, alert, and finally able to nap... life saver!" - Tara

Moby babywearing happy parents happy babies

"I love my Moby because I can go to Occupational Therapy for my wrist 3 times a week and take my 7 almost 8 month old with me in my wrap and no one complains, they even have a sign that says no children allowed in room but smile at us every time we walk in!" - Jamie

"Last night we went to target, my 11 wk old baby boy decided to get a hungry attack, then toddler added on to it by imitating him...I was about to go crazy....well I had my Moby on. I readjusted him in it and took my boobie out(modestly) and silence was golden....hands free feeding while shopping. I have to say I felt like wonder women....I love my Moby....:)" - Jessica

"Wore my Moby Wrap for the first time today- my 2 month old and I both fell in love!!! It truly made my day easier. I'm now a true Moby Wrap fan! Thanks for making such a great product and for the easy to follow instruction book!" - Karen

"Thank you for amazing product. when my daughter was first born, my moby helped me on a daily basis. Thats not what this post is about. The reason I'm writing is Moby worked its best magic on my 11 month old who was inconsolable with teething pains. I placed her in it, and within five minutes she was restfully asleep and I was able to cuddle with my very mobile, active baby. Thanks so much Moby!!!" - Yahira

"I just have to say thank you for such a wonderful product! It's made travel with a baby exceptionally easy, especially in airports! They always let me baby wear through security checkpoints. Also boarding planes is so much easier when my hands are free to grab tickets, IDs, or stow luggage. Best travel accessory ever." - Nicki

"Today I opted to leave the stroller behind and bring only my Moby wrap for a family outing. I'm so glad I did! I don't know if I'll ever use the stroller again! :-)" - Amy


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