Why woven?

Posted on January 23 2015

Dolcino woven carriers distributed by MOBY baby carriers

With less stretch and more structure, wovens are perfect for older babies!

Woven baby wraps are the epitome of a traditional baby carrier. No doubt you have seen these often brightly colored, beautifully woven baby wraps in photos of babywearing moms spanning history and crossing cultures. What makes these traditional woven carriers so special?

It's in the fabric

Wovens are similar to stretchy wraps like the original Moby Wrap. Both are long piece of fabric that wrap around you to hold baby close to your body. Wovens, however, have less stretch, making woven carriers a great option for older babies and for parents who are looking to carry baby on their backs.

Cross Twill and Jacquard weave

Not all woven carriers are the same. The type of weave is as critical as the type of fabric used. Dolcino Woven carriers come in two different weaves, both beautiful, durable and comfortable, yet each with unique properties. Cross Twill offers a tighter weave, helping keep air and water at bay. While Jacquard offers an airiness that is ideal for summer and warmer weather. Jacquard weaving also gives the loom better control, allowing for more intricate patterns. See both weave types here.

What size?

Our friends at Dolcino woven wraps have two sizes available: Medium (4.6m, wrap size 6) and Large (5.46m, wrap size 7/8). Most parents will be very happy with the Medium size, though some choose the Large for the flexibility it offers with the size of the wearer, and to accommodate more advanced types of holds. (We recommend attending a local babywearing workshop to learn more.)


Woven wraps can have a bigger learning curve than the Moby Wrap, but it's a curve that's well worth the effort! The bonus of a woven wrap is the sturdiness, which makes them great for carrying an older baby. 

Check out this wrap tutorial. She offers some great tips and insights for wrapping a woven carrier.

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