Your Top Babywearing Questions, Answered

Posted on March 30 2015

Information is always right at our fingertips these days, isn’t it? You can Google anything! You can search through FAQs, you can ask friend groups online, you can watch videos … the information options are endless. But sometimes it’s nice to get answers in real time. Ask a question. Get an answer. Ask a follow up question. Get that answered, too. Which is why we were so excited to host our first ever Babywearing Facebook Chat with Moby president, Gillian Beerman! Such great questions! We will definitely do this again. And in the meantime, just in case you missed it, here are the questions and answers from that chat. Anything else you’d like to know? Send us an email!

Answers from Gillian Beerman:

Q. What is the biggest safety feature for babywearing mamas that is offered with the MOBY?

A. I believe the most important item for safety and babywearing is proper positioning. Making sure you can see baby's nose and mouth, making sure baby is 'visible & kissable'.

Q. Is it safe to side/hip or back carry in a MOBY?

A. We do recommend hip carrying in the MOBY. Back carries are not recommended in a stretch wrap. If you would like to back carry we recommend our Dolcino Woven Wraps, which are made from 100% organic cotton and do not have the stretch.

Q. Is the Moby Wrap intended to be used for forward facing as well... what about baby's hips?

A. You can forward face in a Moby Wrap - you want to make sure the material is pulled to the hollow of baby's knees so you are creating a seated position. Mimic the way you would hold your baby in your arms - supporting their legs. This keeps baby's hips in a good position.

Q. Is your sizing functional for males too?

A. Absolutely! The MOBY is 5.5 meters long - and can fit most. Some smaller people wrap several times around before knotting, and other may tie in the back. You can special order a 6 meter MOBY if you desire more length!

Q. What makes the material so safe (what make it not give and become saggy)?

A. Our MOBY is made from a double interlock 100% cotton. This natural fabric is breathable and safe for baby. It has 1 way stretch which allows for a little give, but not too much. If wearing a heavier baby for extended periods of time, it is simple to take baby out, un-knot and tighten up the wrap as needed. I started 'wrapping' my first when he was 8 months - and he was a chunk. He MOBY'd until he was about 16 months.

Q. Is there a waterproof/resistant MOBY Wrap?

A. We do not currently offer a waterproof fabric wrap. Although, I have worn my Moby walking on the beach in the water. 100% cotton and washable, but not waterproof. We will keep this in mind for future MOBY versions!

Q. I love my moby wrap but as it's getting warmer (in CA) I want a lighter fabric. Does MOBY offer a cooler fabric other than the 100% cotton?

A. Our Moderns collection is made with a mid-weight cotton fabric. I am not sure which MOBY you have, but may want to look into that collection as it is lighter weight than our Originals. We are actually transitioning our Originals to the Midweight fabric due to customer feedback. AND - We will be releasing a lighter weight fabric this summer as well - it will be Bamboo/ Cotton blend.

Q. What is the difference between the woven wrap and the normal Moby?

A. The material. The MOBY is interlock cotton, so it has a stretch to it. The Dolcino Wrap is woven and is not stretchy. The Wovens come in 2 sizes and can be used for heavier babies. The cost is higher as well - they sell for $125 & $140 compared to the MOBY at $45.

Q. What do you like most about babywearing?

A. Keeping baby close, while being able to get other stuff done. Started MOBY when I had a toddler and an infant. I could keep the infant close to me and happy, and still tend to my toddler's needs!

Q. Are the MOBY carriers available in stores?

A. Yes we are sold in over 300 specialty boutiques. Our boutiques are fantastic ! Visit our store locator to find a store near you. We are also sold in Target, Babies R US /Toys R US and Buy Buy Baby stores. If you order from us directly, shipping is only $2 within the US!

Q. I adore my MOBY! But the youngest is now two and it doesn't quite work as a carrier anymore. Any up-cycling ideas? It was basically a pashmina for me for many years and I feel weird leaving it at home.

A. We have had people turn their treasured MOBY into part of a quilt, or create a lovie - so their little one can still remember their MOBY days.

Q. Does MOBY offer a more structured carrier?

A. We do. We have the MOBY GO for bigger babies, 15 lb - 45 lbs. Coming in April we have 2 new fabulous soft structured carriers coming out - the ARIA & the Comfort. These can be used for babies 7.7 lb - 44 lbs.

Q. What is the difference between the structures of a carrier?

A. The Comfort is our base model - it has a built in infant insert, width adjustment so you can make sure to properly support baby from infancy thru toddler-hood, msrp $120. The ARIA has all the features of the Comfort, plus a mesh panel that can be covered with our front cover when you don't want the additional air flow feature, strap wraps, d-rings for the waist-belt and height extender with an msrp $160. The strap wraps, height extender and d-rings can be purchased separately and added to the Comfort carrier as needed.

Q. Can you machine wash Moby Wraps?

A. Of course! Machine wash on cold, tumble dry on low. Unless you are tiny and want to shrink it - then feel free to wash on hot.

Q. Do you ever donate wraps? Birthing Centers for example?

A. We do - we have a budget set aside for donations each month. Please email your request to and we are happy to consider your organization.

Thank you to all who joined us on Facebook for the chat! We're looking forward to doing it again!




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