Our favorite babywearing haikus!

Posted on May 07 2015

We had so many beautiful entries in our Babywearing Haiku Contest! Congratulations to Elise Belmont for this gem. Scroll down to see some of our other favorites!

My sweet baby's breath
Nestled close upon my chest
Wrapped next to my heart 
Melissa Robichaud

Closely I wear you
Not only do you need it
But I need it too 
~ Mandie C.

Our breath falls in sync,
The storms of life pass us by,
wrapped tight by my heart. 
Jamie Hunter

Giggles and Snuggles
Sharing our love together
Our hearts beat as one. 
~ Jessica Burns

Your heart next to mine
I feel each precious heartbeat
I feel so complete. 
~ Sue Rehkopf

Closely wrapped baby
his breathing, nursing, smiling
so precious to me. 
~ Antonia Roots

Ten fingers ten toes
Snuggled in warm and secure
Cozy warm and safe 
~ Amy Bryant

Your skin and my skin
Create a comforting warmth
Precious memories 
~ Molly Williams

A bundle of joy,
the image of true love’s kiss
Wrapped around my waist. 
~ Kimberly Statham

He snuggles in close
Hands free but close as can be
Our hearts beat in sync 
Kimberly Knauber

Wrapped up so tightly
Wherever we go, right there
Home away from home ~ Desiree Jolley

Listen close, no cries.
Wrapped safe against my breast, sigh.
Stay small for today.  
~ Kara Vallee

Mama hold me close
Skin to skin and heart to heart
Babywearing love 
~ Kelly Lillibridge

Yards and yards of cloth.
Don't be confused, it's easy.
Wrap, tuck, tie. Calm now. 
~ Annika Bryant

Kangaroo snuggles
A bond felt by us, chest to chest
Forever right here. 
~ Iris Newton

Staring up at me
Nestled up warm near my heart
Endless love always 
~ Alyssa Martin

Barefoot morning walk
Full bellied babe sleeps soundly
Snug against my chest 
~ Taylor Ball

I wear you Baby
To keep you close to my heart
Because I love you 
~ Sarah Parker

Fostering your heart
Teaching you trust and love so
You're reunified.  
~ Allyson Reid

The day you were born
I promised to keep you safe
Wrapped tight in my love 
~ Audrey McNabb

Close your eyes baby
Snuggle in for a sweet dance
Our rhythm as one. 
~ Sara Rogers

A piece of fabric
Knits us together with love-
You are my safe place. 
~ Lindsay Messerer

Heart, mind, body, and soul
Peaceful bliss on my bare skin
Sleep sweet child of mine 
~ Amanda Robert

Fall asleep to the
beat of my heart singing you
your first lullaby. 
~ Aundrea Rash

The very best way
To take a nap every day -
This wrap's sleepy dust. 
~ Sarah Poole

Skin to skin with babe.
A soft MOBY wrap to thank.
Bond with babe so sweet. 
~ Hannah Stensland

Feeling your breathing
Wrapped close to my heart again
We will always be 
~ Danielle Madden

Mom is gone, so I,
Dad, scrambling for you to nap,
strap you in. We waltz. 
~ Phil Call

Like having three arms
When shopping, cooking, cleaning
Don't have to let go 
Candace Freilich

Walk across the world
Little one held close to me
Whispered dreams to find 
~ Heather Mosley Frederick

You have grown so much.
But wrapped up so close to me
You are brand new again. 
~ Sandi Free



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