Ask Your Dad, a chat with John Kinnear.

Posted on June 18 2015

Once again we welcomed another incredible guest to join us in a chat on our Facebook page! This time we laughed and conversed with one of our all-time favorite daddy bloggers, John Kinnear of Ask Your Dad Blog. See below for a sampling of the questions, answers and comments, or visit our Facebook Page for the full conversation. 

Q. What compelled you to take your dad experience and turn it into a blog?

A. My wife made me do it. Well, blog. I've always written, but in the past I was more of a "keep it in a box and never let anyone read it" kind of guy. Then my wife started reading it, and she said I should start a blog. Since she is usually right, I listened!


Q. Has there been a tradition that you've incorporated into your parenting habits that you learned from your own dad?

A. Camping. My dad taught me everything about camping, and it is one of the things I just can't wait to share with my kids. Also, crying at movies. He's a crier. I'm a crier. I grew up with there being no shame about it. That has always meant a lot to me.


Q. What are your thoughts on gendered items? I got into an argument at the shoe store with my mother today because my 2 year old son wanted Dora shoes. I see no issue with it, I would wear my son in a pink Moby or a green Moby, doesn't matter to me...thoughts?

A. My daughter has the best answer for this...

[After I absent-mindedly give my daughter the pink cup again...]

Daughter: Dad, let's give brother the pink cup today.

Me: Oh, ok. Why? (I like to ask why almost as much as she does.)

Daughter: I want him to like pink like me, and if he sees me with pink all the time he'll think it's a girl color. Pink isn't a girl color. Colors are for everyone.

Me: Wow. Yes, that is right. Colors are for everyone.

Q. How do we encourage and normalize dads babywearing?

A. I think the best way to normalize something is to destigmatize it and give us a chance to do it! The more dads I saw babywearing, the more excited I was to do it.

Q. What encourages you as a dad/how can we encourage our husbands in their roles as a dad?

A. This probably goes for moms too, but I really like being thanked for specific things. Not just "thanks for being a great dad" but "Thanks being so great at reading the kids their books. They just love how much effort you put into the voices, and hearing them laugh while you read to them is the best part of my night."

(That is paraphrased from the other night, and it was better than any gift I could ever get on dad day)

Q. Has blogging and meeting other dad bloggers evolved your views of fatherhood?

A. Oh yeah, for sure. There are so many smart guys out there writing about what it means to be a dad these days. I just write funny stories about how I do my best. But these guys would have PHDs in fatherhood if that was a thing. If you're looking for some great reading, check out Josh Lev's book All In. It is fantastic.

Q. What did it take for you to become a babywearing dad? Me and my husband are having our second child and I'd love for him to baby wear in the hospital but he says no.

A. I wasn't as hard core as some of the other babywearing dads I know, but I really loved being close to my kids. I know there is no comparison biologically carrying a child, but it felt good to know they were safe and near me.

Q. How do you think the perception of dads have changed in the media at large since you have been blogging?

A. Yes. I think they have. But I also think that is because dads have changed. I'm super stoked when dads are portrayed well in the media, but I believe that is more of a reflection and acknowledgement of how society has changed. As women have learned to lean in more in the work place, men have to learn to lean in at home and with the kids. I see that happening everywhere, not just in commercials... and I think it is great!

Q. What does your ideal father's day look like?

A. OOh! I sleep in. Then we drive up into the mountains and go hiking and have a picnic. Then we come home and have a fire in the back yard and roast marshmallows. Also, Chris Pratt is there for some reason. Don't judge me. IT'S MY DAY!

Thank you John! And thank you to all who joined in the conversation! Be sure to check out Ask Your Dad Blog and follow him on Facebook for ongoing hilarity. 

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