Learn to be a Babywearing Educator

Posted on October 26 2015

You know the benefits of babywearing. You've experienced them first hand. The bonding, the calming, the ability to manage life with baby securely and safely attached to you. You're such a fan of babywearing that you kind of can't help but want to shout it from the rooftops. Maybe you should become a babywearing educator! 

We welcomed Joanna McNeilly from Center for Babywearing Studies to a chat on our Facebook page all about how to become a babywearing educator. For those who may have missed the chat, you can review some of the questions and comments below. Or visit here to read the full hour long chat. 

M = Moby J = Joanna C= Community

M: Quick little background question, Joanna, how did you come to be the babywearing expert you are today?

J: I wore both of my kids, and was co-owner for a local babywearing retail store for over 6 years. Working daily with parents and teaching classes helped me to gain all my knowledge. I also attend many conference in the field of pregnancy and newborn development and always educator further.

C: How do you find local one on one help to babywearing?

J: We have a list of educators that can be found here:  http://www.centerforbabywearingstudies.com/california/#find-an-babywearing-educator

C: Any tips for breastfeeding while babywearing in a Moby?

M: Yes! http://mobywrap.com/blogs/bulletin-board/60006467-how-to-breastfeed-in-a-moby-wrap

C: Does babywearing really increase milk production??

J: I think you are referring to Kangaroo Care, or skin to skin care. As we know it during skin to skin care your body and you babies body are 'talking' to each other in sync. and helping to regulate the two systems. But Babywearing will help to have a longer breastfeeding relationship

C: I could never be a bw educator, but wish I could get better at wrapping! What's the best way to learn to wrap?

M: Practice! Check out videos on YouTube. Wrap yourself before bringing in baby. A few practice times and you'll have it down. Easier than learning to tie your shoes, but remember, even that took practice.

J: Working in person with an educator can be very helpful for learning to wrap. Hands on help can help cut your learning curve and help you decide if wrapping works for well for you!

C: What does it mean / entail to be a babywearing educator ? And how do you get into it?

J: There are many ways to become a babywearing educator. We offer a foundations class which is on average 4 days in length. But there are other schools and you can also become a volunteer babywearing educator through your local babywearing international chapter. 

Being an educator looks different for different educators, some work privately, some with a retailer, or some in a group setting. The one thing they are all doing is working day to day to help families feel confident about wearing their little one! Here's some info on getting started: http://www.centerforbabywearingstudies.com/certified-consultant-training/

C: Are there classes to become a babywearing expert or do you just do your own research?

J: We offer classes: http://www.centerforbabywearingstudies.com/schedule/

C: What does being a babywearing educator involve? Lots of travel time?

J: Being an educator means developing your own business model and figuring out what works for you! Some educators will work on a Private Consultation model and do some traveling, others work with local retail stores or in a set space...it's all about building the business that works for you! 

You can teach locally as a babywearing educator. It really depends what you want to do. Some teach classes, some do private consultations, some work for local babywearing stores, some are doulas or child birth educator and add it it the existing offerings. You are in control what you like to do.

C: Joanna, what do you look forward to on a day to day basis as a baby wearing educator?

J: The AH HA moment with the person I am working with, when I working directly with parents. When I am working with new students it is the moment in their eyes and heart when the passion sparks and they are super excited to get out and do the work...it is very important work they (we) are doing.

That's just the taste of the full conversation we shared with Joanna McNeilly! Head to Facebook for the full conversation, or visit Center for Babywearing Studies for more specific information about how to become a Babywearing Educator! 

Joanna McNeilly




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