Bundled Up Babywearing 101

Posted on December 18 2015

Baby, it's cold outside.

This is the time of year when we get asked how to keep baby warm while babywearing, while still being both comfortable and safe. Here are some of our favorite tips from Becky, our customer service/MOBY expert, so you can get outside with baby no matter if it's rain, shine, or (our favorite) snow!

  • Wrap your baby in your MOBY and then put on your coat, so that your coat can wrap around the both of you.
  • Sometimes this means that a looser coat may be necessary, but if you don't have one, try tucking a blanket around baby, pushing the ends inside the wrap or your own jacket so it is secured. 
  • Baby's lose most of their body heat through their adorable noggins, so keep baby's head covered.
  • Cover baby's hands in mittens or socks to protect their delicate fingers. 
  • Layer baby the way you would layer yourself, and remember that your body heat is providing baby with extra warmth, too.
  • When you're all bundled up in a way that is both comfortable for you and baby, perform the safety checks and make sure baby's airways aren't blocked by additional fabric. 
  • There are also specially designed jackets that can be worn over a baby carrier, which might be a good investment if you live somewhere with consistently freezing temps!


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