Breast Milk Jewelry - Guest Blog with Kyra Brooks, Indigo Willow Jewelry

Posted on August 18 2016

How I Came to Breast Milk Jewelry

As with any journey, my path to breast milk jewelry is long and winding. My breastfeeding journey was not always the most pleasant and I struggled for a while getting into our groove. My husband would often come home to me crying on the couch while feeding our daughter. I simply wasn't used to someone needing me so much from me and I was overwhelmed by the entire situation. But even with the stress of being touched-out and overwhelmed, I never once wanted to throw in the towel. I persevered over months of difficulty and over time we hit our stride and things became much easier for us. Eventually, we hit our breastfeeding goal of 1 year breastfeeding (yay!). We went well beyond that, but to commemorate that milestone, I wanted something to remember our accomplishment, commemorate the fact that my breast milk, this wonderful nutritive, life-giving substance, was what built my child during that year. It's an amazing, almost miraculous thing! 

I can honestly say that breastfeeding my daughter is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life, but is also one of the most special and rewarding things, as well. I first began my creating breast milk jewelry after the birth of my daughter. I decided on jewelry  because I knew I would want something tangible... something I could feel in my hands and hold. Once I had my heart set on jewelry, I got to work on setting up experiments to preserve and harden my breast milk. It took many, many months to perfect my preservation technique in order to create a perfectly hardened, preserved breast milk stone.

Once I was confident that I had my formula correct, I began to wear my special piece with pride, a beautiful little crown setting pendant. I showed a friend of mine my beautiful breast milk creation one day. She asked permission to share it to a group of local breastfeeding ladies, and many other moms asked me to make them jewelry, as well. This is how Indigo Willow was born. 

Positive Fan Feedback

Indigo Willow has given me a chance to serve other mothers and create for them a wonderful, special keepsakes to honor their own nursing journeys while preserving and hardening their own breast milk. I receive many compliments on the quality of my work and have gotten many "thank you"s over the past years. I love hearing my customers' nursing journeys, their own stories that make their jewelry mean so much to them. Just recently, I received an e-mail from the sister of a milk-donor. Her sister had donated breast milk to her best friend who was diagnosed leukemia just 5 weeks after her baby's birth and her friend was forced to stop breastfeeding when she began chemotherapy treatments. Her sister has supported both her own baby and the baby of her friend with leukemia (and still does), and apparently both babies are quite healthy and chunky! It is stories like this, and so many more that have been shared with me that keep me going, that motivate me to always do better and be better. Their stories are precious to me and really do put the wind in my sails. 

I make jewelry all of the time now, however, I am always mindful of the fact that what I am making is something so special and precious to the moms who will be receiving my creations. I keep thoughts of love in my mind as I create their jewelry for them, and really take my time to ensure that I give them the highest-quality piece possible. 

Where We Go From Here

I'm truly honored to have the opportunity to create these pieces for my customers. I'm constantly thinking of new designs and ways to help more mothers enjoy my creations. I love serving people and would love to give such more people such a precious keepsake. For now, I'm focused on creating more new designs and enjoying the creative process. We may eventually add different types of jewelry to our line, too. Time will tell! 

A Little About Me

I'm a Registered Nurse turned stay-at-home-mom turned jewelry maker. All my life I've been artistic. For as long as I can remember I've loved sketching ideas, drawing, sculpting, painting, and eventually got into logo and graphic design, and crocheting. My love for art ran the deepest, though, with jewelry. I love creating beautiful, wearable things! I've been an advocate for the health and enormous benefit of breastfeeding since the birth of my daughter over 3 years ago. We are still breastfeeding and are now in the early stages of weaning.

~ Kyra Brooks, Indigo Willow Breast Milk Jewelry



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