Bundle Up (Without the Bulk) with a Babywearing-Friendly Coat!

Posted on December 16 2016

Remember this scene from A Christmas Story? 

It's no fun to feel like a walking marshmallow when you need to bundle up to go outdoors! Which is why Sarah Clark founded B & Me NYC and invented the Booker Coat and Vest! A functional, fashionable way to bundle up while babywearing, without adding unnecessary bulk! We caught up with Sarah to hear more about the Booker Coat and Vest. 

M: Do you have a background in fashion or apparel design?

SC: My first and only job after college was at Tiffany & Co. I was hired there as a Bridal Consultant and thirteen years later I ended up working in the Creative Services department. One of my favorite things about my last position was helping produce the photo shoots. So although my background wasn't in fashion or apparel design I was exposed to current trends and fashion.

M: What prompted you to create the Booker Coat?

SC: When my third child was a baby I carried him everywhere in his baby carrier with my husband's XL puffer over both of us.  Looking like the Michelin Man but so warm + bundled! That's what sparked the idea.

M: After you created the Booker Coat, what motivated you to then create a Vest as well?

SC: After my first year of launching B & Me I was so lucky and was chosen to be featured on the Meredith Vieira show as their Momprenuer.  At the end of the show Meredith gave me $5000! I wanted to do something special with it and make it a part of my company.  So I amended my utility patent application and added a vest . I wanted to offer something to moms in warmer climates where their mornings and evenings are cold. And from that, I added a men's version too.  

M: Can you tell us more about the design process?

SC: The design process was pretty easy. I had worn my son, Booker, for three months multiple times a day under my husband's big puffer so I was pretty certain about what I wanted it to look it. I wanted it to look like a regular jacket from behind with women's size sleeves and extra room in the front to fit a baby underneath. I added two pockets on the sleeves to add extra room for your chap stick, money, keys, etc. While wearing my husband's jacket every time I went to grab my keys everything would fall out!

M: What are the features of the Booker Coat and Vest?

SC: The Booker Coat + Vest have a two-way center vertical zipper, invisible zippers on either side for adjustable room, tandem two-way zippers each above the front pockets, a pocket on either sleeve and a drawstring at the bottom to adjust the length. The vest has the same features just without the sleeves. 

M: Have you found there are some types of carriers that work particularly well with the Booker Coat? Or are there some carriers that don't work quite as well?

SC: I have not heard anyone say there are some types of carriers that work better than others, I am so lucky to be receiving such nice feedback!  People have asked if it can be worn while carrying your baby on your back.  I never carried my babies like that but maybe one day that would be an option! 

M: Do you have any tips for bundled up babywearing for someone who may not have a custom-designed coat such as the Booker Coat or Vest?

SC: My only tips for bundling up while babywearing  would be to borrow or buy a men's XL coat. I tried snowsuits, blankets and baby carrier covers and nothing provided our shared body heat like wearing one coat together. 

M: Is the Booker Coat or Vest something that can be worn beyond babywearing?

SC: The Booker Coat + Vest can be worn on it's own, while pregnant and while babywearing, so yes!  

We LOVE this! You can grab the Booker Coat for $148 and the Booker Vest for $95 from www.bmenyc.com What a fantastic baby shower gift idea, right? 

PLUS! We've partnered up with Sarah to offer a GIVEAWAY!!! We'll have two winners. One winner will receive a new Booker Coat + a Moby Wrap Evolution. The second winner will receive a new Booker Vest + a BabyHawk Mei Tai. Enter below! The winners will be notified via email on Friday, 12/23. Stay warm out there! 

Enter the Bundle Up, Baby Giveaway!

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