Moby Wraps for NICU babies

Posted on November 15 2016

We often discuss the immense benefits from babywearing: the bonding between baby and wearer, the positive social and physical development, the easing of the transition from the womb to the outside world, and so much more. These benefits aren't limited to full-term babies, and in fact, babywearing has been linked to significant improvements in weight gain and overall developmental health in infants who are born pre-term. We receive emails from NICU nurses who regularly commend the Moby Wrap for how it supports them as care providers for these particularly vulnerable babies:

"Moby wraps are a lifesaver for babies and nurses alike in the NICU. Many of our tiny patients are drug exposed newborns who struggle with self-soothing, who have hyperactive reflexes and are very sensitive to any stimulation. Tightly swaddling and holding them are a few of the comfort measures we can provide them. Moby Wraps are wonderful in our setting, freeing up the hands of the nurse while providing effective comfort for these fragile newborns going through a very difficult process. It's truly a win-win situation."

~ Allison Geisler, RN, MSN, FNP-C

"The opioid epidemic in Arizona has resulted in infants requiring prolonged morphine administration to decrease withdrawal symptoms. Various modes of care are utilized to decrease morphine use. These include: holding, rocking, music, aromatherapy, and massage. Constant holding seems to be the most effective care. The Moby Wrap allows nurses to carry a withdrawing infant while doing other tasks. The effects of gentle movement and containment on a withdrawing infant seems to decrease the need for drug therapy."

~ Lawrence Lilien, MD 

According to ASTM standards, wrap and sling style baby carriers are required to be labeled with a minimum starting weight of 8 lbs. For babies under that weight, please check with your healthcare provider to get the okay before using a MOBY Wrap. For low birth-weight babies and preemies it is especially important to be vigilant about checking baby's positioning and paying close attention to baby's breathing and sounds. No matter baby's size, make sure baby is always visible and kissable with no fabric covering baby's face.

The Kangaroo Hold is the recommended way to safely wear smaller babies. But again, please always consult your healthcare provider first. See the photo tutorial for the Kangaroo Hold here, or watch the video below. 


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