Q & A with DR Babywearing Dad!

Posted on July 08 2016

For many dads, babywearing is a no-brainer. It helps forge a powerful bond between dad and baby, soothes and calms (both dad and baby!), and frees up a hand or two for tackling life's many other demands. But for others, babywearing is still a new idea and may take some getting used to. We welcomed David Rose, aka DR Babywearing Dad, to our most recent Facebook chat, and he offered some words of true babywearing-wisdom. See some of our favorites below, or visit our Facebook page for the full chat. 

M = Moby Wrap D = DR Babywearing Dad C = Community

M: When did you first try wearing a baby? And how did it go the first time?

D: My first introduction to babywearing was actually planning for the birth of my son 4 years ago. My wife Page was a caregiver for her 2 younger brothers and she often wore them. Because of the many benefits she introduced the concept to me. As fate would have it our son was born premature and the first time I wore him was using a form of babywearing called Kangaroo Care (a method of caring for premature babies in which the infants are held skin-to-skin with a parent, for as many hours as possible every day) to help nurture him during his critical time in the NICU. I instantly became a believer in the benefits of babywearing and ever since then, it’s become an important part of my parenting regime as a way to continue bonding and remaining efficiently active with my kids.

C: My wife is 5'1 and petite and I'm 5'11 , 270lbs, will we need to but 2 separate wraps or will 1 wrap work for us both?

M: One wrap will work! The beauty of a Moby Wrap is the versatility for size. Your wife will have more fabric left over than you, so that may change where it's tied on her body (front vs back), but you will both be able to find a comfortable fit!

D: I can definitely vouch for this ^^^ My wife and I are similar to you and your wife  - the Mobys are very versatile!

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