MOBY Buckle Tie Carrier - Back Carry

Recommended for infants 6 months and up.

1. Buckle the bottom strap in the front, so the carrier sits on your hips.

2. Put baby on your hip and scoot it around onto your back while leaning forward.

3. While keeping both hands on baby, make sure its body is centered on your back.

4. With one hand on baby, pull the body of the carrier up between baby’s legs and over their back.

5. Pull the straps straight over your shoulders and do a little hop while you pull on the straps, to ensure that your baby is nestled into the carrier.

6. Pull the straps over your shoulders and then either cross them in front of your chest, or under your arms like a backpack.

7. Cross the straps over baby’s legs, and then pass each under the opposite leg.

8. Bring the straps around to the front of your body, and tie them with a secure double knot.

Back Carry Safety Checks

Once baby is in the MOBY Carrier, always perform your safety checks.

  • Baby’s face should be visible, with chin is off their chest.
  • Straps should be tied in a secure knot at the back of the carrier.
  • Baby should be in a seated “M” position, with knees up above bottom.
  • Baby’s face should NOT be pressed against the adult wearing the carrier.
  • Baby’s knees should NOT be below its bottom.

Taking Baby Out of Back Carry

1. Place one hand on baby to keep it supported while untying the carrier.

2. Untie knot in front of carrier, leaving the buckle intact.

3. Lift baby up and out of carrier