MOBY Double Tie Carrier - Newborn Hug Hold

Recommended for infants 8 lbs and up.

1. Hold carrier like an apron hanging down on your legs, approximately to your knees.

2. Tie the shorter straps around your waist in a secure double knot.

3. Position baby so they are in the fetal or M-position (knees above the bottom) on chest. Use one hand to support the baby, and the other to walk the body of the carrier up the baby, starting at the bottom, all the way to its neck.

4. Keeping one hand on baby, toss the straps over your shoulders, and position the baby deep into the carrier. Use the other hand to grab both top straps that are now over your shoulders and hanging down your back. The headrest should support baby’s head.

5. Cross the straps behind your back, pulling tightly enough to support the baby. Work the slack out of the straps by pulling down on each individually.

6. Bring the straps to your front, and cross the them at the height of the top of your baby’s diaper.

7. Bring straps to the back and secure with a double knot behind you.

Newborn Hug Hold Safety Checks

Once baby is in the MOBY Carrier, always perform your safety checks.

Baby’s face should be visible, with chin is off their chest. Baby's legs should be in the correct M position.

Baby should NOT be completely tucked within wrap.

Baby’s face should NOT be pressed against the adult wearing the carrier.

Taking Baby Out of Newborn Hug Hold

1. Place one hand on baby to keep it supported while untying the carrier.

2. Reach around with the other hand to untie top knot, leaving first knot intact.

3. Lift baby up and out of carrier.