MOBY Sling - Tummy-to-Tummy Carry

Recommended for infants over 8 lbs. For babies under 8 lbs, please consult a medical professional.

1. Place rings over your preferred shoulder, with placement just below shoulder in corsage-position. Sling should extend across chest like a sash, from shoulder to opposite hip.

2. Start with baby in high-burping position on opposite shoulder of rings, with its legs above the fabric sash.

3. While continuing to hold baby with one arm, reach through fabric sash and bring baby’s legs through one at a time, lowering down to a tummy-to-tummy position.

4. Sit baby on the gathered fabric of the sling, settling it in a seated, squat position.

5. Pull fabric up baby’s back, up past the baby’s neck to fully extend the “pouch” from knees to the neck.

6. Tuck fabric under the baby’s bottom, and pull up between baby and wearer to encourage a deep and secure seat within the sling.

7. While still supporting baby under the bottom, tighten along the width of the fabric to remove excess slack in the sling. Use the tail of the sling to pull up and out, starting at one side of the tail and working across the width to the the other rail.

8. Continue tightening until the fabric tension is tight and even, snug across the back of the baby and wearer. Once baby is secure in MOBY Sling, always perform your safety checks.

Tummy-to-Tummy Carry Safety Checks

Once baby is in the MOBY Sling, always perform your safety checks.

  • Baby’s face should be visible, with chin is off their chest.
  • Baby should NOT be completely tucked within sling.
  • Baby’s face should NOT be pressed against the adult wearing the carrier.