MOBY Wrap - Kangaroo Hold

Recommended for infants 8 lbs and up, who cannot yet control their neck or head. For babies under 8 lbs, please consult a medical professional.

1. Begin with your MOBY logo section centered at your navel. Fold the MOBY Wrap in half and place cross your waist with the stitched edges on top, like a taco.

2. Cross the two ends behind your back, and bring both ends up over your shoulders, creating an “X” on your back.

3. Hold baby up on your shoulder.

4. Gently lower baby into fabric section with the logo. While baby is in the fetal position, pull the fabric up to baby’s shoulders, and down under baby’s bottom.

5. Holding baby securely with its legs tucked in, bring one fabric end over baby’s back towards your opposite hip, and guide under baby’s bottom.

6. Repeat with the other fabric end, making sure you keep both fabric ends pulled snugly as you wrap.

7. Wrap fabric ends around your body. Double knot at your back, hip, or front.

8. Tuck back of baby’s head into a shoulder section for additional support. Make sure baby’s mouth and nose are visible, and feel to make sure chin is lifted off chest.

Kangaroo Hold Safety Checks

Once baby is in the MOBY Carrier, always perform your safety checks.

Baby’s face should be visible, with chin is off their chest. The logo section (“seat belt”) must be pulled up over baby’s entire back and shoulders.

Baby should be in a seated “M” position, with knees up above bottom. On holds where baby’s legs dangle, fabric must be spread to the hollows of baby’s knees.

Baby should NOT be completely tucked within wrap.

Baby’s face should NOT be pressed against the adult wearing the carrier.