Practice age-appropriate baby wearing!  This position is intended for children with good trunk and neck control, which usually occurs around 6 months of age.

Step 1:  Tie the shorter straps around your waist in a secure double knot.

Step 2:   Put your baby on your hip and scoot him or her around onto your back while leaning forward.

Step 3:  While keeping both hands on baby make sure his or her body is centered on your back.

Step 4:  With one hand on baby pull the body pull the body of the carrier up between his or her legs and over his or her back.

Step 5:  Pull the straps straight over your shoulders and do a little hop while you pull on the straps to ensure that your baby/toddler is nestled into the carrier.

Step 6:  Pull the straps over your shoulders and then either cross them in front of your chest or under you arms like a backpack.

Step 7:   Cross the straps over your baby’s legs and then under the opposite leg.

Step 8:  Bring back to the front and tie with a secure double knot.

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