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Baby-Friendly Holiday Activities for Their First Christmas 

Two mom's wearing their babies in wraps while decorating christmas cookies

Tiny toes, button nose. Wrapping presents, and wrapping you, perfect and precious, in my arms. A holiday season made shiny and new because you are here. 

Sharing baby’s first holiday season is a special time. While they are too young to remember, you will never forget these magical moments. 

Ready to make some memories? Here are a few of our favorite Christmas activities for babies and toddlers:

Decorate the tree: Bring the festivities home with a decorated Christmas tree. Tiny babes may enjoy being worn close to you in a wrap or carrier while you hang ornaments. Older tots can help with shiny, shatterproof ornaments on a loop of string (remove hooks). No matter their age, the lights and bright colors will be an engaging and delightful sight. 

Hang baby’s first stocking: Your family is growing! It’s time to add another stocking to the mantle. Don’t forget to fill it with a few of baby’s favorite things on Christmas Eve, from a new teether to a favorite teething biscuit.

Make homemade cards: Make a homemade holiday card for Grandma or someone special. Using washable paint, turn little handprints and footprints into adorable Christmas crafts and keepsakes. Use white paint to turn a handprint into Santa’s beard. Or a brown handprint for a reindeer. Check out these fun ideas for Mistle Toes from Mummy Miller, 

Read holiday books: Reading to your baby improves their language skills as they copy sounds, recognize pictures and learn words. Head to your local library to check out Christmas-themed board books to add some new stories to your nightly reading time. 

Attend a tree lighting ceremony: Wrap baby up in a snug wrap and head out to enjoy a tree lighting ceremony or holiday market. Keeping little one wrapped snug, you can navigate crowds, keep them close, and enjoy the sparkling Christmas lights and festivities of the season.

Have a family photoshoot: Commemorate the holiday season than with a family photoshoot. Hire a local photographer (or just set the timer on your phone). Pose in front of your holiday decorations or try the latest Instagram trend (how cute are these snowmen cookie babies!). You’ll have cherished memento for years to come. 

Dress up: Celebrate the season with some cheerful holiday outfits. You may decide to get matching family pajamas, a new sweater or sparkly dress. Dressed and ready to impress? Head out to a playdate, visit grandma, or just put on a Christmas movie and celebrate together.

Create seasonal baby purees: Share seasonal tastes with your little one, and help expand their palate. Puree some festive baby food recipes, like pumpkin, squash, or apples with cinnamon, and let them try their first true holiday meal.  Check out our favorites here

Visit Santa: Check out your local mall, farmer’s market, or community event for an opportunity to introduce your little elf to the big man himself. Don’t forget to snap an adorable picture of their first meeting. 

Make tummy time festive: Add some new sensory experiences to your little one’s tummy time. Swap out your little one’s normal toys for a fuzzy Santa hat, shiny bow, or unbreakable ornament. Under your supervision, introduce your little one to new items to feel and touch.

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Baby-Friendly Holiday Activities