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We’re the One and Only MOBY

We have been made aware that counterfeit MOBY Wraps are being sold online by unauthorized sellers. No warranty protection is offered by Thrive International, LLC. on these imitation products. They are not made with the same high-quality materials as our authentic MOBY Wraps, and may be a safety hazard.

How Can I Protect Myself?

We recommend that consumers purchase MOBY Wraps only through authorized distributors and retailers. MOBY Wrap products purchased through these sanctioned channels come with the protection of the manufacturer’s warranty, which is not extended to unauthorized dealers or counterfeit products.

To confirm if a store is an authorized dealer of MOBY Wrap products, please check our Store Locator. Authorized Sellers on Amazon include listings from MOBY Wrap and Paradigm Enterprises. Listings from any other sellers are unauthorized and not covered under warranty.


We want to ensure you have the best experience with our products. If you have questions about a supplier or need assistance with identifying a possible counterfeit product, please contact us:
(888) 629-9727

Please Note:

Brands Four Kids, LLC and Thrive International, Inc. are the only authorized manufacturer of authentic MOBY Wraps and Baby Carriers. MOBY Carriers are currently made in China and Vietnam. Previously they were made in Thailand.

Authentic MOBY Carriers do not include DVDs.

Counterfeits & Unauthorized Sellers of MOBY Wraps