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Baby Safety Month with Moby

As a babywearing brand for over 20 years, “is babywearing safe?” is one of the most common questions we hear.  Safety has always been our number one priority at MOBY Wrap, and we’re pleased to say that babywearing is absolutely safe, as long as you follow a few rules.

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We like to use TICKS, a widely known acronym that helps everyone remember the best way to keep baby safe.

T – TIGHT – Baby should always be snug against the wearer so that they are not in danger of falling. Be sure that when you are putting the carrier on, you inspect it for tears, holes, or other damage. 

I – IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES – You should be able to see baby, which means that with small babies, they are placed on your front where you can monitor them.  As baby grows and you transition to carriers that offer back wearing positions, you should still be able to look over your shoulder or in a mirror to keep an eye on baby.

C – CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS – Baby should be high enough on your torso that they would be close enough for you to lean over and kiss the top of their head without straining your neck.  For most people this would mean baby’s head would be about at your collarbone.  If baby is in a carrier on your back, you will want them to be at, or even above, that same level.

K – KEEP OFF THE CHEST - Baby should always be positioned in the carrier nothing is covering their nose or mouth, and their chin should not touch their chest.  Sometimes baby will snuggle their face into the parents’ chest. In this case we recommend that you gently turn baby’s head to one side or the other.  Sometimes, leaning forward just a bit can help you turn baby’s head.

S – SUPPORTED BACK – For optimal positioning, baby should be in a M position with their knees above their bottom.  This will help support baby’s hips and spine and is an ergonomic position. To help, just think of how you’re holding baby and have your carrier match that positioning. 

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Now that you know about TICKS, there are a few other things to know for  babywearing safety. 

Once baby is safely in the carrier, (especially if they are on your back), make sure you are aware of your surroundings, it can be easy to forget and that can lead to bumping into a doorway or counter. 

The person wearing baby should always be awake and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Be sure to monitor everyone’s temperature. When baby is in a carrier, it counts as an extra layer of clothing.  In the summer, be sure to keep cool, hydrated, and in the shade when possible.  In the winter, you can keep baby warm by carrying them, and wearing a loose jacket over the top of both of you.  Also be sure not to put baby in a puffy snowsuit that would prevent them from being worn snugly and safely in the carrier.   

At Moby, we are always here for you.  If you have a question, you can reach out to our team for answers, or connect over video with a certified educator for a personalized experience that helps ensure you’re wearing baby safely and enjoyably. 

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Baby Safety Month with Moby