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Benefits of Babywearing When You Travel

Whether you’re taking a quick weekend trip home for the holidays by train, or making your way across the world by plane, traveling with a little one adds a whole new level of complexity. 

Family and friends will have lots of tips for you- from what to pack when traveling with baby, to how to entertain them on their first adventure. 

But, when speaking with experienced parents, one top tip for traveling with baby comes up over and over:babywearing when you travel. 

One of the absolute must-have items for traveling with your baby is a baby carrier that can keep you and your little one comfortable and safe on the go. Read on to discover why babywearing while traveling can make all the difference on your next trip.

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Leave the Stroller at Home

Strollers are bulky and hard to carry. If you are flying with a baby, you’ll have to check the stroller with the flight attendants at the gate, which means a longer wait at the arrival gate to retrieve it (and likely with an impatient and tired little one).

If you are traveling by car, bulky items like strollers fill up your trunk space. And, their inconvenient shape makes it difficult to pack suitcases around.

Bring your carrier and avoid the hassle of hauling around a stroller when traveling with an infant. You can choose to leave the stroller behind completely, or check it at the terminal with the rest of your luggage. 

Pack a compact carrier, wrap or baby sling, we suggest the Moby Wrap Classic, to use when you are on the go. Whatever carrier you pick, make sure that it is easy to fold up to fit in your diaper bag or carry on luggage. 

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Keep Your Hands Free

You’ll never appreciate free-hands more than while trying to navigate air travel with kids! 

Carriers keep little one close while leaving your hands free to check luggage, dig through your bag for a passport or tickets, hold a cup of life-giving coffee and more.

Have you ever tried to pull a rolling luggage bag while pushing a stroller? We don’t suggest it! Having your hands free for these activities will keep the trip smooth and stress free. 

Safety on the Go

Carriers provide extra peace of mind and safety while traveling. Keeping baby snuggled close to you while you navigate the maze of terminals, surrounded by hundreds of strangers, provides extra peace of mind. You’ll know they aren’t reaching down to touch germ-covered floors or wandering off while you are re-collecting carry on luggage after the security scan.

Carrying your baby keeps them safe and secure as you navigate every step of your trip, from checking in at the airport to locating your luggage at baggage claim.

Carriers are wonderful for infants, but helpful for older children and toddlers as well!  After all, what looks like a jam-packed airport or train station to you looks like the perfect place to practice those Usain Bolt-inspired sprinting moves to your toddler. 

And, of course, if your travels take you to less kid-friendly spaces, like museums or stores with breakable items, having your kiddo strapped to you—and your hands free to keep them from picking up fragile items —will make a major difference in everyone’s enjoyment of your trip. 

Reduce Their Stress Too

Not only do carriers reduce your stress by keeping little one close and your hands free, they reduce the stress for your child too!

Even for the most avid travelers, spending time in a new place can be more than a bit disorienting at first. That’s particularly true for your little one, who is likely even more used to the familiar sights, sounds, smells, and comforts of home than you are. That’s one of the major reasons why babywearing when you travel is such a great choice: it can give your kiddo an instant sense of closeness no matter where your travels take you, whether you find yourself venturing just a few miles from home to see members of your extended family or have plans to fly across the globe to explore another part of the world. 

Safely strapped to a parent or other caregiver in a comfortable carrier, like the Moby Fit Hybrid Carrier, a one-size-fits-all carrier that accommodates both inward and front-facing carry positions for babies and toddlers from 8 to 33 pounds, your little one can have a feeling of security and comfort no matter where the day takes you.

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Sleeping on the Go


One of the most difficult things about traveling with your little one—especially if you’re moving between time zones during your trip—is upending their well-established sleep schedule. As many a parent can attest, something as seemingly small as a single skipped nap or an adjusted bedtime schedule can completely throw off an entire trip. 

Luckily, if you’re babywearing on your trip, you have a far better chance of ensuring that those all-important schedules are adhered to throughout your travels. With your little one comfortably strapped to you, listening to your heartbeat and adjusting to the rhythm of your breathing in a stretchy wrap, like the Moby Wrap Evolution, getting your baby to sleep will be a breeze. 

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Whether you’re walking them up and down the aisle on a packed commuter train or are bringing them along with you as you explore a new city or town on foot as part of your vacation, comfortably snuggled next to their parent they’ll be ready to snuggle and snooze.

Adventure Ready 

Whether going by plane, train, automobile or even boat, baby wearing will make your trip with baby (and toddler) simpler and safer. 

But, once the travel is done, your carrier isn’t done working for you! Reached grandma’s house? Keep baby in the carrier  while you unpack, or to help them feel close and safe while they adjust to new people and surroundings.

Your carrier will keep coming in handy. For family walks and hikes, holiday shopping trips, or just to help them settle down for a nap in an unfamiliar place.

Having a comfortable carrier, like the Moby Cloud Ultra-Light Hybrid Carrier, which accommodates babies from 8 to 33 pounds in both inward- and outward-facing positions, can make every leg of your journey significantly smoother.

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Traveling with your little one isn’t always an easy process but having the right gear on hand can make practically any trip with your kiddo in tow a whole lot simpler. With the right babywearing accessories, like a packable carrier or wrap, on hand, you can navigate practically any destination, from crowded international airports to art museums to your nana’s house in comfort and ease.

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Babywearing When Travelling