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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Busy Parents

The weather’s getting cooler, it’s getting dark earlier, and pumpkin spice everything is back in every local restaurant and store. That can only mean one thing: Halloween is fast approaching. However, between work, school drop-offs, homework help, and the occasional shower, it’s easy to find yourself mere days away from October 31st without a Halloween costume in hand. Fortunately, you don’t need to make a mad dash to your local Halloween supply store to get a great costume. We have some easy-to-make ideas that do not require special skills—just some supplies you have at home and a lot of imagination. 


Photo Courtesy of: Jessica Forsthoefel

A timeless classic, this Halloween costume is easy to create and although perfect for all ages, newborn and tiny toddlers tend to add a special dose of cuteness. Maybe it's the snuggles? The Moby Wrap Evolution in caramel with a few paper cut outs (eyes, nose mouth), some non-chemical fabric stick ons, a hat (optional) and you're ready to go. Approximate time to achieve this look - 20 minutes. Amount of fun while creating it - timeless. 

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Magic 8 Ball

The Magic 8 Ball might just be one of the easiest (and most comfortable!) costumes for parents carrying a newborn. Just put on a black top, black pants, and wrap your little one in the MOBY Classic Wrap in Black. Cut a blue paper triangle and add a classic Magic 8 Ball phrase in white lettering, like “It is Certain” or “Reply Hazy.” Then gently affix it to the MOBY baby wrap, and you’ve got an amazing costume in no time! Pregnant moms-to-be can also wear our Bump & Beyond T-shirt Wrap in black under the triangle for a costume that looks great and supports their 3rd trimester tummies.

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A mummy

Keeping a costume simple and easy to achieve for your Trick or Treat festivities is key. The Moby Classic Wrap in black is the perfect solution to this fun look - add some gauze around (not too tight) and you'll be ready in no time. Approximate time to achieve this look - 15 minutes.


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Baby Sushi 

Photo Courtesy of: Cynthia Rojas

The advantages of babywearing are so many and we can easily add another one to the growing list - a yummy sushi Halloween costume. This DIY costume by mama, Cynthia Rojas is just too good not to share. Using the Moby 2-in-1 Baby Carrier + Hip Seat which combines the support of a standard carrier with a simple carrying assistance of a hip seat, let's you enjoy Trick or Treating for an extended amount of time. Plus, your little one will have a front seat (from a safe distance) to observe and enjoy the fun activities. 

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Gumball Machine:

An easy, eye-catching costume for pregnant and non-pregnant folks alike, for a gumball machine Halloween costume, just put on a pair of red pants or a red skirt, and a white shirt, and then wrap your pregnant belly or baby in a light-colored MOBY Wrap with a few pom poms affixed with removable glue dots. For extra flair, cut out a piece of gray fabric, write “25 cents” on it, and attach it to your skirt or pants!

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Whether you’re feeling inspired to create something magical or just need a quick Halloween costume to bring baby trick-or-treating, with a little creativity, there’s a perfect solution for busy moms or dads everywhere.

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DIY Halloween Costumes