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Holiday Purees for Baby's 1st Thanksgiving

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There are few things more exciting for parents of little ones (especially any parents who consider themselves foodies) than getting to share some of your favorite foods and flavors with them. 

However, many holiday foods aren’t exactly little-kid-friendly—you’re probably not eager to hand your kiddo a turkey leg, after all. Between four and six months old (provided your child can sit up on their own, is showing interest in food, and has the okay of their pediatrician), many can safely start to enjoy some delicious purees. 

Newborns and children who don’t yet have good head control should still celebrate the holiday with some milk or formula. Always speak with your pediatrician before starting solid foods.

Our Favorite Holiday Purees

Here are a few of our favorite recipes from real parents that include the flavors of the holiday season that your child is sure to love: 

Cranberry apple orange pureeWant to share some of the tart, tangy, and tasty flavors of the holiday season with your kiddo this year? This delicious cranberry apple orange baby food recipe from Hanky’s Happy Home combines simple ingredients—just cranberries, apples, oranges, cinnamon, and orange zest—to create a delicious treat for your little one. 

Sweet potato pie puree: Your little one may need to wait a few more years to enjoy some sweet potatoes topped with caramelized marshmallows but there’s no reason they can’t enjoy a simple sweet potato pie puree! This recipe from Raising Veggie Lovers is perfect for littles—it contains just sweet potato, banana, coconut milk, pumpkin spice, and water, making it a tasty and sweet (but still healthy!) treat for your kiddo. 

Cinnamon applesauce: All it takes is some ripe apples and cinnamon to create this delicious seasonal puree from Creative Healthy Families. Since applesauce is such a beloved food for kids of all ages, even older siblings will enjoy this one. 

Pumpkin apple puree: Sure, your kiddo might not be ready for a piece of pumpkin pie this year, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy those same delicious flavors in a baby-safe puree! Simply puree pumpkin, apples, and water for a tasty treat they’re sure to love. Head over to Joy Food Sunshine to get the recipe. 

How to Store Your Purees 

The holidays are a busy time. Make your purees in advance and have them at the ready.  Fresh homemade purees can be story in the refrigerator for 48-72 hours, and in the freezer for 1-2 months. 

Thaw frozen foods by submersing in a bowl of hot or warm water or by leaving it in the refrigerator overnight (4-12 hours). Do not thaw baby food on the counter at room temperature, as this may allow for bacteria to grow. 

Getting your little one ready for their first real foods is an exciting time—and it’s made even more special when doing so coincides with the holiday season. This year, make your kiddo’s Thanksgiving extra special by letting them enjoy some of the delicious fall flavors associated with the holiday and you’ll get them excited for Turkey Day for years to come. 

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Holiday Purees for Baby's 1st Holiday