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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Moby's Top Picks

The past year has been an undeniably difficult one for many people—and perhaps no one has borne the brunt of the pandemic more than moms. That’s why it’s so important to make this Mother’s Day a special one for all the dedicated mamas out there, who’ve spent the past year having meetings while homeschooling, comforting toddlers, while cleaning up around the house, and trying to keep everyone happy, healthy, and sane at home. So, what do you get the woman who does it all and deserves the best? Read on to discover our top gift picks for that special mom in your life this Mother’s Day.

For the mom-to-be: The Bump and Beyond T-Shirt Wrap

Who says expectant moms shouldn’t be part of the Mother’s Day celebration? With the Bump and Beyond T-Shirt Wrap, which converts from a maternity shirt to a shirt and baby carrier combo, the mom-to-be in your life can look stylish during the nine months their belly is growing—and the fourth trimester that follows once their little one arrives.

For the mom who loves Disney: The Moby Wrap Classic in Vintage Mickey and Friends

Whether she’s heading to Disneyworld for a family trip or taking her little ones out for ice cream after their latest Moana re-watch, the Moby Wrap Classic in Vintage Mickey and Friends print is the perfect way for that special mama to celebrate her fandom in comfort and style.

For the multitasking mom: The Easy Wrap Carrier

Have a mom in your life who’s always on the go? The Easy Wrap Carrier is the perfect way to make tackling those daily tasks a whole lot easier. Combining the comfort and aesthetic of a classic Moby wrap with the ease—and buckles!—of a traditional baby carrier, it might just be the simplest way to keep baby close on the go. 

For the fashionista: The Moby Wrap Classic by Petunia Pickle Bottom in Mosaic

If you’ve got a mom in your life who isn’t willing to sacrifice style when they’re out and about with their little one, they’re sure to love the Moby x Petunia Pickle Bottom Wrap Classic in Mosaic. With a stunning geometric print and the comfort, moms have come to expect from Moby, it’s the ideal addition to any outfit.

For the mom of multiple kids: The Moby Wrap Classic

Who says babywearing is just for, well, babies? With the Moby Wrap Classic in leopard, your favorite mama bear can carry kids from 8 to 33 pounds with comfort and ease—and look darn good doing it.

For the outdoor exerciser: The Cloud Ultra-Light Hybrid Carrier

A sweaty workout with baby in tow? Hard pass. If you’re buying for a mom who loves hiking or power walking with their little one, they’ll love the Cloud Ultra-Light Hybrid Carrier, which evenly distributes baby’s weight for comfort, allows for both inward- and outward-facing carry positions, and is made of breathable Powermesh that keeps both mom and baby cool.

Whether you’re shopping for your BFF, a family member, or your partner, there is a perfect present out there that they’re sure to love. From your favorite fashionista to your girlfriend who loves to garden, these thoughtful gifts are sure to make any mama feel special. 

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Mother's Day Gift Guide featuring MOBY