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The Five Best Carriers for Babywearing Dads This Father’s Day

Dads do it all: they’re the makers of lunch, the kissers of boo-boos, and the givers of endless piggy-back rides. If you want to make those constant requests to be carried a little easier on your favorite dad this Father’s Day, MOBY has carriers to suit every style and need. Comfortable, sturdy, and stylish, they’re truly the gift that keeps on giving.

For the active dad: Cloud Ultra-Light Hybrid Carrier in High Rise

If the dad on your list loves the great outdoors, but isn’t a fan of feeling hot and sweaty, the MOBY Cloud Ultra-Light Hybrid Carrier is the perfect gift. Cute and comfortable with a simple slip-on design and wide, padded shoulder straps, this carrier keeps both baby and dad comfortable no matter the weather, thanks to its breathable Powermesh fabric. Better yet, it’s perfect for exploration, thanks to its inward- and outward-facing carry positions for littles.


For the dad of multiples littles: MOBY 2-in-1 Carrier + Hip Seat in Grey

Dads with more than one kid know that every new piece of baby gear is going to get used by the whole family—even if it was initially intended for just one sibling. That’s why the MOBY 2-in-1 Carrier + Hip Seat in grey is so genius: it comfortably carries kids from 4 to 48 months and allows for four different carrier options, including front-inward and hip and front-outward and back. It also has three hip seat options, including front-inward, front-outward, and hip carry positions, making it versatile if you want to use for a newborn and a toddler, for example. It can even be tossed in the washing machine (on delicate) to clean in between uses.


For the dad with a newborn: MOBY Easy-Wrap Carrier in Smoked Pearl

There’s nothing like bonding with your baby in those early weeks and months by babywearing. With the Easy-Wrap Carrier, the newborn dad in your life can enjoy those early snuggles anywhere he goes. Easy to slip on, soft, and stretchy, this comfy carrier is perfect for babies from 8 to 33 pounds. Becoming a father doesn't come with a manual and it's one of the most rewarding jobs. With a whole new life to carry for and love, a baby carrier offers an ease to all the new tasks Dad will face. 


For the Disney dad: MOBY Wrap Classic in Disney’s Vintage Mickey and Friends

Let’s face it: when your kids love Disney, you come to love it, too. Whether your family is planning a trip to one of the Disney parks or he just loves repping his fandom in daily life, this adorable MOBY wrap in Disney’s Vintage Mickey and Friends Print is the perfect way to keep baby safe and cozy while showing the world you’re a solidly pro-Mouse house.  


For the stylish dad: MOBY Wrap Classic in Black

Does the guy on your list triple-check every outfit before leaving the house to make sure he looks like a million bucks? If you’ve got a fashionable dad to buy for this Father’s Day, he’ll love the MOBY Wrap Classic in Black. This one-size-fits-all carrier is perfect for kids from 8 to 33 pounds, is made of soft black fabric, making it the ultimate babywearing fashion statement.


Whether he’s an avid outdoorsman, has multiple kids to wrangle, or loves looking cool in the latest fashions, there’s a MOBY carrier or wrap for every type of dad, and he’s sure to love getting the perfect one this Father’s Day.


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Father's Day Gifts: Best Carriers for Dads