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Holidays with Baby

Holiday Purees for Baby's 1st Thanksgiving
Share the flavors of the holiday season that your child! Try a few of these homemade purees to introduce your little one to pumpkin, cranberry and sweet potatoes. 
FREE Baby's 1st Holiday Printables
To celebrate these magical moments and cherished memories of baby's 1st holiday season, we've created these free holiday printables for families and parents. Record the details of your baby's first Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hannukah.
Top 5 Tips for Traveling With Baby
If you are traveling with an infant for the first time, take these tips into account before purchasing your plane ticket (or planning that road trip). 
Fun Recipes for Baby's First Christmas
Introducing your little one to these seasonal purees this holiday season can help expand their palate while being a fun way of including your newest family member in the festivities and feasting.
Baby-Friendly Holiday Activities for Their First Christmas 
Ready to make some memories? Here are a few of our favorite Christmas activities for babies and toddlers.