Easy-Wrap Carrier - Charcoal/Black – Moby Wrap
mom wearing baby in easy-wrap in charcoal black
Easy-Wrap Carrier - Charcoal/Black-Baby Carriers-Moby Wrap
easy-as 1-2-3, step 1 slip on, step 2 buckle and secure, step 3 lift and tie
easy-wrap charcoal pictured on two moms demonstrating facing in position or facing out. snuggle in or explore together
mom wearing easy-wrap baby carrier in charcoal/black color. demonstrating use from newborns to toddlers 8 to 33 lbs
moby easy-wrap healthy support for hips and spine certified by international hip dysplasia institute
Easy-Wrap Carrier - Charcoal/Black
one size fits all. size inclusive. demonstrated on 3 caregivers a shorter heigh mom, taller height dad and plus size mom.
Easy-Wrap Carrier - Charcoal/Black-Baby Carriers-Moby Wrap
Easy-Wrap Carrier - Charcoal/Black-Baby Carriers-Moby Wrap
Easy-Wrap Carrier - Charcoal/Black-Baby Carriers-Moby Wrap

Easy-Wrap Carrier - Charcoal/Black

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“I love how it's lightweight, easy to adjust and put baby in, and sturdy. My husband loves using it too!”
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Want the comfort of a wrap, but the ease of a carrier? You don’t have to choose! From the designers of the award-winning MOBY Wrap comes the Easy-Wrap. The Easy-Wrap combines the soft, stretchy, supportive feel of an infant wrap with the ease of a structured baby carrier. The Easy-Wrap carrier goes over your head like a t-shirt. Adjust the buckles at the side for your perfect fit. Then add baby and secure the safety sash. It is the easiest to use wrap… ever! Baby can be worn facing in from newborn through toddler. Or flip the forward facing once they are 6 months old and have strong head support. Perfect for skin-to-skin contact, early infant bonding, snuggles on the go, and toddler toting – all in cuddly, cozy comfort.

Care-free in Cotton. This 100% Cotton Knit is soft, breathable, and easy-to-care. It provides the ideal mix of structure and stretch for a comfortable and supportive carry. Cotton naturally hypo-allergenic fabric and gentle on sensitive skin types.

• Intended for babies from 8 to 33 lbs.
• Can be used in front inward or outward facing carry positions.
• MOBY Wraps are generously sized at 4.9 meters or 16 ft. long.
• MOBY Wraps are size inclusive and intended for parents of most sizes and heights.
• MOBY Wraps will fit parents from petite to plus sized.
• Petite and slender customers may wrap the excess tail behind their back and bring forward again to tie in front. Individuals with wider waists may find it more comfortable to tie the wrap behind their back.
• Machine wash your wrap with gentle detergent using cold water and the gentle or delicate cycle. Hang dry or use the lowest dryer setting.

Sometimes, you want the feel of the wrap but the ease of the carrier, enter the MOBY Easy-Wrap. Just slip it on like a t-shirt, put baby in and add your safety sash. You are set! I love this hybrid-style carrier if you live in a rainy or wet area and don't want to worry about your ends hitting the ground as you get baby in the wrap.

Babywearing, like parenting, can come with a learning curve. To help you master your MOBY, our Certified Babywearing Educator offers one-on-one training via Facetime, Skype or Zoom, and it's completely free! 

Just give us a call at (888) 629-9727 or send us an email: info@mobywrap.com.

Easy-Wrap Carrier - Charcoal/Black

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Easy-Wrap Carrier - Charcoal/Black