MOBY Wrap Evolution - Caramel – Moby Wrap
MOBY Wrap Evolution - Caramel-Baby Wraps-Moby Wrap
MOBY Wrap Evolution - Caramel-Baby Wraps-Moby Wrap
How to wrap using the Moby Evolution Evolution wrap. This video has no sound.
MOBY Wrap Evolution - Caramel-Baby Wraps-Moby Wrap
MOBY Wrap Evolution - Caramel-Baby Wraps-Moby Wrap
MOBY Wrap Evolution - Caramel-Baby Wraps-Moby Wrap

MOBY Wrap Evolution - Caramel

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Just when you thought your MOBY Wrap couldn’t get any more comfortable or cozy, the Evolution Wrap raises the bar. The MOBY Evolution takes everything you love about the Classic Wrap, and pairs it with a luxurious plant-based viscose fabric blend that provides next-level silky softness. Not only is the Evolution Wrap the softest in our line, this bio-friendly fabric is light, breathable and stays cool to the touch. Perfectly supportive and stretchy, the Evolution wrap nestles your little one close to your heart in a natural, ergonomic hold that supports their hips, spine, and neck. Size inclusive to support parents of all sizes and heights. The wrap evenly distributions your child’s weight across your back and hips for effortless comfort while carrying. This is the ideal wrap for skin-to-skin newborn bonding to toting toddlers handsfree. Cuddle up!

A hint of luxury. The Evolution Wrap is made from our premium, exquisitely soft viscose blend. This bio-friendly fabric is derived from fast-growing trees and plants, including bamboo, eucalyptus and beechwood. Blended with lightweight, breathable cotton, the final result is luxe without being fussy, and a favorite for parents who love a touch of stretch and cool, silky comfort.

• Intended for babies from 8 to 33 lbs.
• Can be used in front or hip carry positions.
• MOBY Wraps are generously sized at 5.5 meters or 18 ft. long.
• MOBY Wraps are size inclusive and intended for parents of most sizes and heights.
• MOBY Wraps will fit parents from petite to plus sized.
• Petite and slender customers may wrap the excess tail behind their back and bring forward again to tie in front.
• Individuals with wider waists may find it more comfortable to tie the wrap behind their back.
• Machine wash your wrap with gentle detergent using cold water and the gentle or delicate cycle. Hang dry or use the lowest dryer setting."

The MOBY Evolution Wrap was born from requests by customers for a cooling alternative to our all-cotton wrap. This blended viscose and cotton fabric is soft and cool to the touch! If you feel like you or your baby run hot, consider the Evolution Wrap.

Babywearing, like parenting, can come with a learning curve. To help you master your MOBY, our Certified Babywearing Educator offers one-on-one training via Facetime, Skype or Zoom, and it's completely free! 

Just give us a call at (888) 629-9727 or send us an email:

Putting on your Moby Wrap

First time users should start practicing at home, in comfortable clothing & in front of a mirror.

Locate Center

Find the center, indicated by a screen printed logo, center on body at the navel.

Wrap Around Your Body

Cross each side and pull neatly over your shoulders

Tuck Straps

Pull each end completely through your center strap. Not too loose, but not too tight!


Create an X on the front of your body by crossing one side on top of the other.


Tie off with a double knot at your lower back. Users with excess material in their knot can tie at the front of the body instead.

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MOBY Wrap Evolution - Caramel