Easy-Wrap Carriers – Moby Wrap

Easy-Wrap Carriers

Easy, airy, comfortable, and just your style.
Meet the Easy-Wrap Carrier

Featuring the closeness of a wrap and the ease of a carrier, the Easy-Wrap slips on like a t-shirt and buckles securely to easily adjust for all sizes.

Mom and Dad walking with baby in gray Moby Easy-Wrap Carrier
mom facing backwards in gray Moby Easy-Wrap Carrier
mom holding baby in gray Moby Easy-Wrap Carrier
Blue watercolor background
2 Ways to Wear Baby*
*For babies 8-33 lbs.,
newborn to toddler
Easy Wrap outward carry position
Easy Wrap inward carry position
Just the right fit
One Carrier, All Sizes

The Easy-Wrap Carrier easily adjusts and accommodates all sizes of parent and caregiver and offers hands-free convenience, plus two positions for carrying baby.

woman clasping sturdy plastic buckles

Sturdy buckles secure a custom fit

padded back support with buckles on women

Padded back support and sash guide

Washing Machine close up

Machine Washable

How to use your Easy-Wrap Carrier

Easy-Wrap Carriers