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Moby Easy-Wrap Baby Carrier over 1300 5-star reviews. The simplest baby wrap carrier on the market, 3 steps to comfort. free delivery.

Meet the Easy-Wrap Carrier

Featuring the closeness of a wrap and the ease of a carrier, the Easy-Wrap slips on like a t-shirt and buckles securely to easily adjust for all sizes.

Blue watercolor background
2 Ways to Wear Baby*
*For babies 8-33 lbs.,
newborn to toddler
Easy Wrap outward carry position
Easy Wrap inward carry position
Just the right fit

One Carrier, All Sizes

The Easy-Wrap Carrier easily adjusts and accommodates all sizes of parent and caregiver and offers hands-free convenience, plus two positions for carrying baby.

woman clasping sturdy plastic buckles

Sturdy buckles secure a custom fit

padded back support with buckles on women

Padded back support and sash guide

Washing Machine close up

Machine Washable

Experience the Simplicity


Airy, comfortable and just your style.
MOBY Easy-Wrap Carrier | Baby Wrap Simplified