Forward Facing (when baby has good head control)

*do not use this position for extended periods of time to avoid over-stimulation, if baby falls asleep, move them to the hug hold position or place in safe sleeping space*

1. Find the shoulder strap that is closest to your body and hold baby in the other arm facing out.

2. Slide baby down into closest strap of the carrier.

3. Repeat on the other side so that baby is sitting in the crossed fabric.

4. Spread fabric from knee to knee making sure that baby is in a comfortable position with knees above the bottom.

5. Tighten  the carrier starting  with the side that is closest to your body by pulling on the free hanging tail. Repeat on opposite side. Baby should be close enough for wearer to kiss the top of baby’s head.

6. Carrier should be snug and support baby’s weight.

7. Find the seatbelt (separate piece of fabric) and position it as an added layer of protection for your baby and additional back support.  Tie in a secure knot at your back or hip. Baby’s arms may come out the sides and over the seatbelt portion.

8. You can tie the free hanging tails under baby’s bottom if desired.

9. Perform safety checks