MOBY Wrap - Newborn Hug Hold

Recommended for infants 8 lbs and up. For babies under 8 lbs, please consult a medical professional.

1. Put on your MOBY Wrap, and locate the shoulder piece nearest to your body. Open seams to create a pocket for baby.

2. Place baby on the shoulder opposite from the piece of fabric closest to you.

3. Slide baby down your chest and into this pocket. Baby’s legs will remain in the fetal position.

4. Spread fabric over the baby’s body, including the shoulders, back, and bottom. Locate the opposite section of fabric, and spread over baby’s body as well.

5. Find the MOBY logo, and pull this section of fabric up and over baby. You may tuck baby’s head under one of the shoulder pieces for additional support.

Newborn Hug Hold Safety Checks

Once baby is in the MOBY Carrier, always perform your safety checks.

Baby’s face should be visible, with chin is off their chest.

The logo section ("seat belt") must be pulled up over baby’s entire back and shoulders.

Baby should be in a seated “M” position, with knees up above bottom.

Baby should NOT be completely tucked within wrap.

Baby’s face should NOT be pressed against the adult wearing the carrier.