Safety – Moby Wrap



Moby Wrap Safety

Wearing baby in a wrap, sling, or carrier is a sweet way to help them learn, grow, and thrive. But it’s important to keep them safe, too. We recommend you keep a few things in mind whenever you’re wearing your little one:

  • Always check to be sure that all knots and buckles are secure.
  • Monitor newborns carefully to make sure their chin is off their chest, so their airway stays open.
  • Keep baby’s face visible, and their head close enough to kiss.
  • When picking something up off the ground, bend at the knee, not at the hip, so baby stays upright.
  • Never drive a car or ride a bicycle.
  • Never drink hot liquids.

And always remember to do safety checks after putting baby in a wrap, carrier, or sling! For guidelines specific to each product, please click here to visit the Instructions page.