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Meet Your New Favorite Baby Sling

Choosing the right products for your little one isn’t nearly as easy as choosing one for yourself. The second your precious bundle of joy enters the world, you’re suddenly tasked with protecting them from everything and anything while still attending to the daily tasks life demands, from grocery shopping to folding and putting away laundry. 

While it’s nice to imagine you could simultaneously keep your baby close and get everything done just by holding them on your hip, actually tackling those essential tasks when your little one arrives requires some reinforcements. 

Enter the hands-free comfort of a baby sling that lets you wear your baby, providing them tons of tummy to tummy time, while still letting you do everything you need to over the course of the day. 

Instead of searching high and low for the perfect ring slings, MOBY, the company that has created some of the most popular baby wrap carriers of all time—including the brand’s eponymous MOBY Wrap carrier—now offers their game-changing MOBY Ring Sling in a double gauze fabric that will keep you and your little one comfortable all day long.

What benefits can babies reap from being carried in a ring sling?

Small baby sleeping in a black ring sling

There’s no denying that baby carriers are convenient for parents and caregivers—it keeps your hands free so that you can attend to any of the countless tasks you have to complete during any given day, from helping your older child at mealtime or going grocery shopping with your newborn in tow to getting work done with a fussy infant who wants to be physically on you at all times. 

Babywearing using a carrier like the MOBY Ring Sling in double gauze can improve your baby’s sleep quality and makes it easy for you to attend to their needs quickly and effectively since they are right at your side.

It may even make your little one cry less—according to a study conducted by researchers from the Department of Pediatrics at McGill University in Montreal Children’s Hospital Research Institute, babywearing reduced both crying and fussing by a whopping 43%.

What’s more, research suggests that babywearing can even be a productive way to foster language development in even the youngest children. In a 2018 study published in the journal Infancy, researchers from Johnson State College studied the benefits of pushing a baby in a stroller versus wearing them in a baby carrier. 

The study’s researchers discovered that children whose parents used carriers heard more parent speech, vocalized more readily, had more conversations or exchanges with their parent or caregiver, and initiated speech more often than their counterparts who were pushed in strollers. Additionally, infants who were brought around in carriers moved their heads around more than those in strollers, a behavior “consistent with visual scanning,” according to the study’s authors. 

What are the benefits for parents who wear ring slings?

It’s not just the convenience of having your hands free while carrying your baby in a ring sling that makes these genius carriers so special: they also have a wide range of physical benefits for parents and caregivers, as well.

The MOBY Ring Sling in double gauze is ergonomically designed and distributes weight across your body evenly dividing the pressure of your little one’s body weight across your shoulders, back, and hips, ensuring that you don’t find yourself struggling with discomfort while wearing your baby or toddler throughout the day.  

Also, the mental and physical benefits of having a baby who cries less, fusses less, nurses more easily, and goes to sleep at regular intervals throughout the day truly can’t be overstated.

How big can a baby be and still use the MOBY Ring Sling?

While the double gauze carrier can be used as a ring sling newborn carrier, you don’t have to stop using it just because your little one has moved past the infant stage. The MOBY Ring Sling in double gauze can support babies starting at just 8 pounds but can be comfortably—and safely—worn with babies up to 33 pounds, meaning older babies and toddlers can enjoy the comfort and security this soft and cozy carrier provides, too.

Is the MOBY ring sling size inclusive?

Aside from safety and aesthetics, one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a carrier is its sizing. While some wrap sling carriers may fit on petite parents and caregivers, many are not quite as size inclusive as you might hope, meaning that while they may fit your body, they won’t necessarily be right for your partner’s, or vice versa. Fortunately, the MOBY Ring Sling in double gauze is one size fits all, allowing parents and caregivers with a variety of body types and body sizes to comfortably wear their little one in the carrier all day long.

What positions can you carry a baby in using a MOBY Ring Sling?

If you’re eager to stay comfortable all day while holding your baby close to your body in a carrier, you may want to switch carrying position from time to time. Luckily, with the MOBY Ring Sling in double gauze, you can position your baby in a front carry or hip carry position, ensuring that you both stay comfortable. And unlike carriers that leave your little one’s legs to dangle, the MOBY Ring Sling in double gauze cradles your baby’s bottom, promoting healthy hip development. In fact, the carrier is so beloved by not only parents, but medical professionals and experts, that it’s earned the seal of approval from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

What’s so different about the MOBY double gauze material?

The MOBY Ring Sling in double gauze offers not only beautiful design, but unsurpassed comfort. The double gauze material is made from cotton and is light and breathable, making it ideal for use for prolonged periods of time, even on hot days or while doing physical activity. Even if you’re working up a sweat, the stylish and airy fabric is designed to keep you and your little one cool all day long.

What colors does the double gauze ring sling come in?

If you’re looking for a great ring sling to suit your style, the MOBY Ring Sling in double gauze is the perfect carrier for you. The stylish and comfortable baby carrier comes in two stunning hues: Rose, a light pink reminiscent of a flower petal, and pewter, a light gray. While the former will add a fun pop of color to any outfit, the latter is perfect for a more subdued look, or as a neutral accent to a brightly colored or heavily patterned outfit.

How can I clean my MOBY Ring Sling in double gauze?

Whether you simply want to freshen up your carrier after a long, hot day walking around with your little one in tow or need to remove a stain, cleaning your MOBY Ring Sling is as simple as can be. 

While the double gauze fabric is light and airy—and could easily be mistaken for a dry-clean-only fabric—it is machine washable . After a spin in the washing machine, it will come out looking brand new again!

Finding the right baby carrier is no small feat, but once you find one that works for you and your little one, you’ll never look back. Made with breathable eco-friendly fabric, designed with size inclusivity in mind, ideal for keeping you cool on hot days, and available in two stylish colors, the MOBY Ring Sling in double gauze is truly a carrier unlike any other.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect baby wrap carrier to take your newborn out in or want something that’s not bulky to bring your toddler in as you run errands, the MOBY Ring Sling in double gauze is the transitional carrier you never knew you needed.

Once you try it on, you’ll never want to live without it.

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Your New Favorite Ring Sling for Babies