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Are Moby Wraps Plus-Size Friendly?

What do an NFL player in California, a petite mom in Guam, and fitness expert in New Jersey all have in common? They hold their little ones close with a MOBY Wrap! 

Amazing parents and caregivers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are tall or small, thin or plus-size, or anything in between - you deserve a comfortable baby wearing experience. 

Are Baby Wraps for Plus-Size Moms?

Yes! Baby wraps can be worn by plus-size moms and dads. Whether you are in the market for a stretchy MOBY Wrap, or purchasing a beautiful woven wrap, wrapping is for everybody and every body.

Babywearing nurtures the bond between you and your little one. Babies that are worn close to their parents cry less. The physical contact with you deepens the early attachment between you and your child. No one should be excluded from this incredible opportunity for connection because of their size or weight. 

Wraps are the most versatile and adaptable of all baby carrier types. Whether you are petite, extra tall, have broad shoulders, or are plus-sized, wraps are a comfortable, supportive carrying option for you and your little one.

Are MOBY Wraps Plus-Size Friendly?

Yes! MOBY is committed to developing carriers and wraps for every size parent. MOBY Wrap carriers are soft, stretchy, and infinitely adjustable to help you find your perfect fit.

Mom Wearing MOBY Wrap with Tie in the back

When putting on your MOBY Wrap, parents with larger frames may choose to tie the wrap behind their back instead of wrapping extra material to knot in the front as demonstrated in the image above. Both securing the wrap behind your back or in front are safe, effective, and comfortable options.

Are MOBY Wraps Petite-Size Friendly?

Yes! MOBY Wraps are perfect for petite parents. With a structured, buckle carrier, you are unable to adjust the height of the carrier’s torso panel. This can be uncomfortable and bulky for shorter parents.

With a MOBY Wrap, you are able to adjust the fit to your size. Simply wrap any excess material around your waist and knot securely once you’ve got your perfect fit. 

Can I wear a MOBY Wrap if I’m in a wheelchair?

Yes! Wraps are extra comfortable for seated parents, because there are no plastic buckles or clips to dig into your waist or hips.

When sitting with a MOBY Wrap, make sure that your little one has enough room to comfortably position his or her legs. 

Can Dads wear Moby Wraps?

Yes! We recommend that all of baby’s caregivers experience the joy and bonding that babywearing provides.

New mamas often ask us if their broad shouldered husbands can wear MOBY Wraps. Men with big and tall frames can use the MOBY Wrap. 

They may choose to secure the knot behind their back, if they do not have enough excess fabric to wrap it around the front. Both securing the wrap behind your back or in front are safe, effective, and comfortable options.

Do MOBY Wraps come in different sizes?

MOBY Wraps are one-size fits all. The MOBY Wrap carrier is 5.5 meters long, just over 18 feet. 

If you have been in the market for a woven wrap, you may have found that these traditional wraps come in different sizes. The woven material does not have a lot of stretch or give, so it’s important you check the size chart for the brand you are purchasing from.

MOBY Wraps are soft and a little stretchy, allowing for extra versatility and flexibility in sizing. They will fit a wider variety of body types than a similarly sized woven wrap. When using this stretchy, jersey-style you will not need a different petite or plus size baby wrap. MOBY Wraps fit most body types.

The MOBY Bump and Beyond is a T-shirt baby carrier that can be used to wear an infant skin-to-skin. This product is available in 5 sizes, ranging from Small to XX-Large.

Will MOBY Wraps shrink in the wash?

MOBY’s Classic Wraps are 100% cotton and may shrink slightly in the wash. 

Spit up happens! We have designed our Moby Wraps with extra length built into accommodate for the first wash shrinkage. This will not affect how your MOBY Wrap fits or performs.

Do you offer help learning to use my MOBY Wrap?

Yes! In addition to helpful online guides and videos, MOBY is happy to offer one-on-one training sessions via video call with our Certified Babywearing Educators. 

Learn more here: 1-on-1 Product Training

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Yes! MOBY Wraps are Plus Size Friendly