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The Best Baby Wrap Carrier, According to Real Parents

The MOBY name (MOther & baBY) is synonymous with babywearing. We’re committed to creating carriers, wraps and slings that encourage bonding over special moments, shared discoveries, and within the day-to-day.

From our original Classic Wrap to soft structured carriers like the MOBY Move, we are committed to helping you hold your baby Close Enough to Kiss™. We’ve fine-tuned and expanded our collections over the years, working with new fabrics and carrying options, design collaborations, prints, playful colors, and beloved characters.  

Our commitment to quality in every product has made us a parent-loved favorite. But, don’t take our word for it. Read MOBY Wrap reviews left by real parents about why they love MOBY wraps and products.


Multitasking is key for any parent as you learn to care for baby and keep the rest of your life on task. At first, buying groceries, making coffee, or even doing laundry may seem like impossible tasks! But, with little one wrapped close in a MOBY wrap, you’re free to tackle your day.

“This is a great carrier! I have a 4 month old and this is so convenient to use with him so that I can have my hands free while doing some things around the house. It's also great to use when we take our family walks. The stroller can be bumpy and he can't fall asleep.” SBails - Mount Airy, MD
The moby wrap saved me , I can do small chores and be carrying my sleeping baby. She’s so calm in it and loves being close to me. Just a great quality product as well .” Monica A. 
“A Lifesaver!!! I am able to do house chores and less crying.” New Momma - Ventura, California.

Bonding with Baby

There are few things that give you the instant oxytocin rush of cuddling close to your little one. When you’re wearing a baby wrap carrier, you can enjoy the closeness and bonding that come with babywearing.

“The Moby Elements Wrap is a very stretchy wrap to carry infants or younger children. The wrap is in the color asphalt which is a gray color. The material is a breathable and soft feather knit which feels like a softer t-shirt. The wrap allows for front or hip carrying positions so that you can be hands free to do your chores. The amazing thing about this wrap is that it is also machine washable to get out drool or spit up. The material used can hold an infant or toddler up to 33 pounds. This wrap has really made my infant sleep batter and helped our bonding experience. My infant is always so calm while in the wrap and is able to see what is going on around her. Overall, this wrap is a way to help both parent and child with bonding and chores.” Ameaney - South Dakota

One Size Fits All

Whether you’re petite, tall, straight-sized, or plus-sized, the MOBY baby actually fits any body type or size without sacrificing comfort, for Mom or Dad. 

My Fiance is a football player in the NFL so he's not a small guy, and he LOVES wearing baby when we go one walks! I recommend this to ALL PARENTS.” RAD Fit Mama - Bakersfield CA 
“Perfect for old, young, big, small, tall or short. ​​My daughter had one, and I used it with her daughter when I was babysitting. Loved it so much I just bought one for my daughter in law who is due in October. Because of the design they work no matter your body type!” Grandma - Kentucky 
Fabric with enough stretch and security. Length is more than enough for my petite extra large figure. First time user and both baby & I were comfortable using it from our trial run at home to our first time out shopping. Check out their instructional videos online for more insight on ways to use the wrap.” Dee Dee - Guam
“At first I was scared about how to put it on or if I was even going to do it the right way. But after some research and watching some videos I was able to get it done easily. It is so much more comfortable than any other carrier I have used before. I wish I would have known about this with my other kids! I would have carried so much more. Being plus sized it’s hard to find carriers that will fit you comfortably but I’m in love with this one!” Bricraig94 - Jonesboro AR

Easy to Put On

Unlike more structured carriers that have clips and buckles in hard-to-reach places, a soft newborn wrap carrier like the MOBY Classic Wrap can be adjusted to easily tie at your waist, making it easy to both get on and off.

 Love it. So comfortable and easy to wrap and my baby loves it. I regret not buying it sooner.” Prachi T - Iowa
“Love my Moby wrap. The material has the perfect amount of stretch to it. It’s very comfortable and easy to use.” Lanie - Salt Lake City, UT. 
I've been using another brand of wrap and as soon as I opened this one, it took me 1 time watching a video and I had it on my newborn.” Leann - North Carolina 
“I had my doubts about me being able to put it on myself, but the instructions were very easy to follow. Once wrapped, I put my baby into it, and she fit so comfortably and she felt very secure. It's a very comfortable set up, and works perfectly for both my husband and I.” Mrsmommi - Arkansas

Adorable and Stylish Prints

Whether you’re a minimalist, a fan of pattern, or a Disney devotee, there’s a wrap out there to suit your needs.

This wrap is so cute and snug, my baby feels safe and comforted in it as a newborn. I have other wraps too but this one is my favorite.” Thy - Savannah, GA 
“Love it! Pattern is super cute! Material is thin and stretchy!” Kay Kay - Oklahoma
“So soft and fits my baby perfectly! I love the design too. I love Disney!” Amanda - North Canton, OH

Back Support for New Parents

When worn properly, wraps evenly distribute weight between your shoulders and hips. The supportive hold eliminates the back pain that can be caused by less ergonomic designs. 

I’m a first time mom and was recommended this wrap by a cousin. I love the wrap I purchased. It’s way better than the structured carrier we bought and it’s much more comfortable for my body. My shoulders and back don’t hurt while wearing my babe and it’s perfect for walks around town instead of a stroller especially during winter when it’s nice enough out. I know she stays nice and warm when she is cuddled up to me in the wrap! Highly recommended for every Mom out there!” - Alicia D. - Wisconsin
“I wear my Moby wrap a LOT and honestly, carrying my baby without a Moby wrap causes more back and hip pain. The Moby wrap helps support the weight evenly and keeps them from swaying.” Fatimah - Florida
“I ordered my Moby because it had really good reviews and it looked to be more comfortable for baby. I wasn't expecting how comfortable it would be for me! This is by far the best way to wear baby,” G's Mommy -Tennessee 

MOBY is dedicated to supporting parents and babies. If you have feedback for us, don’t hesitate to reach out by leaving a product review, sending us a comment on Facebook or Instagram, or reaching out to our customer service team.

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Parents Review - The Best Baby Wrap