Sacred Pregnancy with Anni Daulter

Posted on May 19 2015

Yesterday we welcomed Anni Daulter, founder of Sacred Pregnancy, to a chat on our Facebook page. We love how Sacred Pregnancy is empowering women through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond with support, strength and sisterhood. Read on for Anni's answers to our community's fantastic questions.


If you could sum up the mission of Sacred Pregnancy, what would you say?

Sacred Pregnancy is more than 8 week classes designed for women to come together, it's a way of being during the whole of the pregnancy. It's a pregnancy practice designed to bring women back to their core selves in order to really be centered during pregnancy, birth and beyond into motherhood. Practically, the Sacred Pregnancy Classes are based on my book Sacred Pregnancy and bring women together in sisterhood for 8 weeks to talk about relevant deep raw issues that come up during pregnancy and each week is themed and has an artistic way of bringing the topic to life. The women bond and in general, they are so precious and sacred that the women become deeply connected for a long time afterward.

WHY is it important (in your opinion) to approach pregnancy (and adoption) as a sacred event?

It is a question that stirs my soul ... pregnancy and adoption are sacred because it's bringing new life into the world, new hope, new dreams, new thinkers ... it's a journey that should be honored and held reverent for the beautiful experience it is ... but the women, going through this need to be honored as the birthing goddesses they are!

What were you doing before SP?

I was writing books for families on healthy living and eating ( I have 6 other cookbook + lifestyle books out ) all focused on conscious family living. I also owned an organic fresh baby food company called Bohemian Baby!

What has been one of your favorite moments in your SP journey?

For sure it is meeting the women around the world and watching them grow into the amazing women they are! I feel so blessed to be able to do that for a living!


Does SP focus on the journey as an individual only or are there ways to incorporate a partner into the journey?

We have sacred pregnancy classes that are just for pregnant women, to help bring sisterhood back into the journey of pregnancy and then we offer sacred birth journey courses for pregnant couples. You can be trained in one or both of these programs! We have online and live options!

There are very few programs geared towards woman and their adoptive infants, not just infants, children in general. Do any of programs help with the bonding process in those early months? Motherhood comes in more ways than pregnancy.

Yes! Our Sacred Beginnings program for sure would be appropriate and lovely as its for bonding with mama + baby all while creating a sisterhood support system! Also stay tuned for the next of the Sacred Series books "Sacred Motherhood" that I am co-authoring with Niki Dewart! This will be released in Spring of 2016!

What is baby yoga like?

We have a program called Sacred Beginnings and our leader of that program Danielle teaches a portion of baby yoga. That is an amazing course designed for mamas with brand new babies to come together for 8 weeks and do various things each week to bring mamas and babies together! Additionally we have a Sacred Yoga program that teaches pre-natal yoga to those who want to teach that in their communities!

What would you suggest to someone who is just starting their sacred journey of pregnancy and motherhood?

I would suggest that you find a Sacred Pregnancy class near you! You will find love, support, sisterhood, and a way to bring yourself inner focus before bringing a baby into your life!

Is there one thought that you keep with you to overcome feelings of guilt or inadequacy when it comes to being a mother?

I strive to be in my conscious awareness when it comes to mothering my children and myself. If I can be centered and grounded, I know that even when I make mothering mistakes, it's all part of my growth path and tomorrow I can choose to do even better!

What sacred resources are available to folks who may not have a SP class near them?

You can buy the Sacred Pregnancy book! You can also check out the blog at:

Thank you, Anni!


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